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Cultural Boundaries is a place for me to explore my interest in cross-cultural research through my own lens as I travel to other countries to explore local places that arouse my perception of other people’s culture. These experiences offer me a chance to savor the abundant smells and flavors of food and the rituals that surround eating. I also explore the beauty and unique nature of the arts; or the contrast between old and new architecture and the changing landscapes; or the spiritual practices of the people.

Michele Y. Washington is a designer, design writer and educator with a national reputation for bringing the work of black, African and African Caribbean into mainstream design consciousness. She maintains a design consultancy, office of michele washington that focuses on branding strategy, design and cross-cultural research. Her research explores the significance of natural hair in black culture; the use of social media to facilitate global dialogue between women about natural hair; cross-cultural interaction between users and products; the impact of research in architecture, urbanism, fashion, and visual and material culture on emerging global communities. Previously she worked as a designer and art director, for such publications as The Chicago Tribune; The New York Times; Business Monthly, Essence, and Self. Michele loves engaging the students she teaches in the Graduate Exhibition Program at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City to investigate their inherent global environments. She  has served on the board of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), New York chapter, and currently serves on the advisory board of XCD Cross-Cultural Community, the AIGA Design Journey. Michele’s writings have appeared in Print MagazineStudio Museum in Harlem blog, and the International Review of African American Art. Additionally, will be an upcoming blogger for New York Spaces.

Michele has an M.F.A in Design Criticism from the School of Visual Arts in NYC and an M.S. in Communication Design from Pratt Institute.  Michele writes and administers Cultural Boundaries. Contact Michele: hi [at] culturalboundaries [dot] com if you have news or announcements to share.

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  1. 1

    Hey Michele, Wonderful site. Color, photos, info. Super!
    Do you say who you are, that this is your site, etc. on the site? Let me know if I missed it. Best, Roger

  2. chestnut09 #

    Hi Roger
    You’re right I need to add an about me posting. I’m getting use to this whole blogging scene. Actually it’s been fun chatting away about my cross-cultural research, hopefully this will be a good way for me to build my network. Now, back to my Brasilian Portuguese which takes me on another worldly trek in a totally opposite direction. Stay tune for my next posting about my cross-cultural design teaching methodology, I have some fun student projects. A few are interactive, hopefully I’ll get the hang of posting videos soon. Believe it or not I have about 1500 images to edit from China. And I still haven’t finished my photos from Brasil. Cheers Michele

  3. 3

    The site is blossoming. It breathes – and it’s lively.

    • Michele #

      Trying to make my content snappy and bone up on the writing. Looking for some new ways to drive more viewers to my site. Open for all of your lovely suggestions.

  4. 5

    Michele, enjoyed very much your article. Very interested in your cross-culture design teaching methodology. Keep writing.

  5. Monna Morton #

    Great site! I remember you from the OBD days. Good reconnecting via your writings.

    • Michele Washington #

      I remember you as well, thanks for props. Connecting is always good. Cheers Michele

  6. 8

    LOVE this. such a great site. happiest holidays and hope to get together with you guys soon! P 🙂

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