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DESIGN: Laurie Lyon’s Online NOMADS Magazine Drops

Lauri Lyons, a well-known documentary photographer has a new online publication, Nomads Magazine it’s a quarterly devoted entirely to global travel aimed at exposing its readers to many exciting cultural experiences that promises to take you around the globe. This magazine is guaranteed to be filled with adventuresome features stories and extraordinary black and white or color images by world renowned artists and journalists, who live their life on the run. Lauri also writes about culture and photography for the Huffington Post and this December she’s leading a NOMAD Photography Workshop in Salvador de Bahia.

MEDIA: Dynamic Duo Smiley & West Team Up

Featured above is Cornel West, Professor at Princeton University with talk show host Tavis Smiley.

The fusion of this dynamic duo Smiley & West is slotted to hit the airwaves this coming October with the launch of Tavis Smiley’s  Public Radio International (PRI) an energetic radio program covering thought provoking, intelligent and stimulating dialogue on every subject from news and politics to entertainment and culture. Tune-in one-hour for this weekly show that promises to bring listeners a broad spectrum of compelling guests and I’m sure some juicy debates will jump off between Tavis Smiley and Cornel West.


09 2010

THIS WEEK’S BUZZ: Type designer Matthew Carter gets MACARTHUR

This is major step in the right direction in the sphere of Graphic and Type Design, for MacArthur Foundation to award Matthew Carter, a major Type Designer as one of the 2010 MACARTHUR Fellows. Carter is a masterful wizard in working with letterforms having had created over 6o typefaces,  he’s also the Co-founder and Principal of Carter and Cone Type . If you’re a type connoisseur you’re sure to want to send him words of praise. Read more about Matthew Carter on the Mac Arthur Foundation website.


09 2010

THIS WEEK’S BUZZ: Harlem’s Fashion Row

It has been interesting to see how far fashion week has come in NYC, or perhaps not come.  While this Fall Fashion Week is now being held in its new location at Lincoln Center, however most fashionistas tend to stay centrally located in the midtown area. Sad because they are missing out on a fabulous bustling hub of fashion designers blossoming uptown in Harlem. This Friday, September 17, from 8-10PM is Harlem’s Fashion Row at the Studio Museum in Harlem, featuring the Spring 2011 collection of four locally based fashion designers, Niiamar, Telfar, Sammy B and Viscera NY.

If you’re still eager to see more then make sure to stop by 56 Hamilton Terrace right near City College to view, “Finding Style in Time.” This phenomenal vintage collection goes back as far as the 1890s, and you can slowly browse through four floors in a stunning Victorian Townhouse each floor is staged with fashions in a stylish decor setting  reminiscent of the clothing’s era. The exhibition was curated by the Fashion Design team of Randal Jacobs and David Melton will be on view through 19 September, 2010. Featured here is Ms Lana Turner  not to be confused with the legendary film starlet. This Lana Turner is our very own Harlem resident and she has amassed a stunning collection of vintage clothing that rivals the art philanthropist Millicent Rogers whose fashions were featured in American High Style: Fashioning a National Collection exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum this past summer. Ms Turner is widely knows as a social maven not just in Harlem but throughout New York City, she’s even hob-knobbed with street fashion photographer Bill Cunningham. Take it from me a lover of vintage clothing who’s seen Ms Turner private collection this is a rare experience to view.
Admissions is Free… Stop by 56 Hamilton Terrace btwn 141st and 145th streets NYC, 10031
It’s time to head uptown for happenings this Friday night in Harlem.

Harlem’s Fashion Row from CJ Something on Vimeo.


09 2010


I could not resist this opportunity to share one of my favorite places Brooklyn. If you’re not busy this  weekend stop by The Brooklyn Book Festival, this free public event presenting an array of literary stars and emerging authors who represent the exciting world of literature today. One of America’s premier literary and literacy events, this hip, smart, diverse gathering attracts thousands of book lovers of all ages. I’m working this Sunday with Ramin Ganeshram, chef/food writer, make sure to stop by her table and say hello. For more information check out:


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