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The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975

You will be moved by this new film, The Black Power Mixtape an award winning compilation feature documentary that displays the story of the African-American community 1967-1975, the people, the society and the style that fueled a change. Told with sparkling, beautiful and deep footage, lost in the archives in Sweden for 30 years. Check out the website for Screenings.


09 2011

PERCEPTION: Blackface and Afros Take Center Stage

Apparently French Vogue has  featured Dutch supermodel Lara Stone in Blackface in the fashion spreads . While Marc Jacob’s Spring collection for Louis Vuitton has shown his models sporting huge Afros styled wigs like political activist Angela Davis, and blaxploitation film actor Pam Grier on this springs Paris Fashion runways. What’s up with all this appropriation of black culture? And blackface haven’t we passed this or does the presence of white models in blackface makeup underscore the lack of black models on the runway? Or is this some fantasy being played out by fashions designers just to call attention to this seasons fashions.


05 2010