ART+DESIGN: Bruce Mau Teaches Kids To Be Better Global Citizens

excerpt: From Bruce Mau Design

Bruce Mau, of the design firm BMD, has been busy teaching kids how to be better design citizens at the Academy for Global Citizenship. This is a pilot school located in Chicago that helps students think of diverse methods to spread design to impact their local communities.

Mau has co-authored a book with OWP/P and VS that explores the link between how we learn and where we learn – the physical environment. Italian educator Loris Malaguzzi is called the Third Teacher (by adults and peers). The book examines the relationship between the physical environments in which kids learn, and the knowledge, insight, abilities and joys they gain.

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I am a designer, design critic and educator, I love doodling and tinkering with objects that I collect from my global travels.

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04 2010

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    Slightly off the subject maybe, but a request for people to think about the ethics of purchasing items like designer clothes. Do try and think about, for example, the things the item is manufactured from, the conditions of the factories where they’re made and the ethics of retailers. An endeavour to share rather than throwing away. Thanks!!!!

    • Michele #

      You have made several salient points about the process of how fashion/retail is now being outsourced. Michele


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